Dont' Trip B Hangers and Baseplates

Bhangers – Don’t Trip

Don’t Trip Trucks is a company notorious for its role in creating some of the most innovative trucks on the market. The trucks are deceptively light-weight, uniquely designed and come at a mellower price than most high-end trucks. They do this by manufacturing components that are compatible with each other. This allows for versatile engineering and easy manufacturing of new trucks.

Don’t Trip has managed to create an arsenal of high-quality trucks that meet the needs of a wide variety of disciplines. The new Bhangers fit right in as a precision, traditional kingpin truck well suited for carving, pumping or long-distance pushing. They’re compatible with G/Bomb brackets and related DT products.

The Bhangers ship with axles and spacers that offer four different widths depending on configuration: 125, 131, 137 and 143MM. They’re also available with two different baseplate options in 11° or 25°. The 11° baseplates work well with G/Bomb Superfork or wedged decks while the 25° baseplates work well on a flat mount.

Spherical bearings make these some of the only commercially available, precision traditional kingpin trucks at the moment. They’re CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and ship with RipTide APS bushings and pivot cups.

These unique specifications make the Bhangers a one of a king offering. Hit the link to check them out and cop a set from Don’t Trip. Trucks ship from their shop in Pompano Beach, FL.

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