Slide Perfect Redemption Rain Wheel

Redemptions – Slide Perfect

New from Gravity House & Slide Perfect are performance rain wheels, the Redemptions. Slide Perfect was created thanks to a passion for longboarding and a need for affordable, performance longboard wheels. After months of research and more than a year in business, they’ve hit the mark!

The Redemptions are a new directional wheel designed specifically for use on wet roads. The horizontal grooves in the contact patch prevent hydroplaning by allowing water to escape, much like a car tire. Vertical grooves provide extra surface area during slide to help reduce and better control speed.

They’re poured in a 78a white ‘thane and measure 72MM tall x 65MM wide. The extra wide contact patch really helps in the wet environments. Each set includes 2 left and 2 right wheels.

Hit the link to visit Gravity House and grab a set! The Redemptions ship from Gravity House based out of Honiton, Devon, UK.

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