Doing the Hoedown with Jeff Corsi

After having a great discussion with Brandon DesJarlais and with the recent release of Moonshine’s new longboard dancer, the Jeff Corsi signature Hoedown, we figure this would be the perfect time to sit down with Jeff and learn more about what has inspired his unique style!

What originally got you into skating and how did that lead you into doing dance and freestyle?

When I was a kid, I surfed on the west coast of France during vacations. I always missed the surf vibes so much when I went back to the suburbs of Paris. Around 2011 – 2012, I discovered longboard dancing through a video of Adam Colton. Instantly I fell in love with these vibes that mixed the skate & surf spirit. Then I never quit haha. 

How did you come in contact with Moonshine and how did that help you to decide to join their team?

I was studying in Netherlands during an exchange program. During one of my session there I made a viral buzz on Facebook. It was shared by extreme sport and hit 1 million view in one night and around 6 millions few days later. Moonshine saw that and I received an email few weeks later asking: want to ride with us ? And you know the answer ^^ 

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You recently dropped your pro-model, the limited edition Hoedown with a custom graphic from you! What inspired the graphic and what makes the Hoedown so special that you wanted it to be your pro-model?

It was inspired with 3 things : 

  1. The surfing vibes which I loved since I was a child 
  2. The icon of the previous hoedown, which is a skeleton 
  3. And a big part was wood and only wood because I like to be simple and for me it was obvious to make something with big part of « wood space ».

I like this graphic because it mixes different elements. The wood which is related to the earth but also the ocean which is related to the water.

What is your current setup and can you explain why you picked this setup?

I currently ride the Moonshine Corsi Hoedown with Paris Savants 180mm, Orangatang Stimulus 77A and Riptide bushings (APS Barrel 85A road side and Krank Street Barrel 90A board side).

What are your absolute favorite dance and freestyle tricks, which tricks have you been working on recently and what trick is your least favorite?

I really like the nose manual with one foot on the board and one hand. I took lot of time to make it happen but now it’s pretty easy for me to do that :). Recently I’ve been working on the Air-Walk. I took inspiration from duoduo. I hope it will work soon haha 

How long do you practice a trick before you feel you’ve ‘mastered’ it and any advice for those struggling with either dance or freestyle?

It can take years. For example, my signature nose manual, took six months to do it correctly and then almost another year to make it easy. The best thing to do is repetition and keep the motivation even if some day you’re having a bad session, it doesn’t matter. Keep the motivation and you can make anything possible. 

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Are you planning to go to ‘So You Can Longboard Dance’ 2020? How confident do you feel going into it this year? Any special prep you do for this competition? (This was asked before the current corona cancellation)

Yes I’m going to be there. Right now I feel really good and I’m ready to do the best I can :). Competitions is not very easy but the best way to do well is to enjoy the runs you have. Trying to find a special moment something great and powerful, and make lines with the smile. 

What has been your most memorable moment from your skate trips? Who have been some of your favorite people to travel with?

5 years ago I had my own brand with 5 old friends. For the marketing of our brand (ARA Longboard) we traveled to a few different country in Europe over 2 months! It was for me a school of life: living outside with only a few things and everyday moving to another spot. It was literally amazing!

What goals do you have for your life and skating in 2020?

I want to make a trip in the west coast of USA somewhere like Portland to San Diego. I’ll see when I can manage to do that :). Also I  want to evolve and trying new stuff and be inspired by lot of stuff around me not just longboarding. 

Anything else you want to share or shout out?

Everything is possible if you trust in your dreams and if you continue to try do it for a long time. 🤙

Make sure to head over to Moonshine to grab yourself Corsi’s limited edition Hoedown!

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