Rayne Chop Shop Template

Chop Shop Contest – Rayne Longboards

“Can you make me a custom board?” No, but you can!

The Rayne Template DIY and Chop Shop Contest is back for round two! Last year, Rayne asked riders to design their own board by chopping an existing Rayne board or designing a brand new board using Rayne’s template. The templates are one-of-a-kind blanks, pressed in Rayne’s shop and delivered unadulterated so riders can cut and shape at home. And there’s a contest for it!

Rayne Longboards 2017 Template Deck

Rayne Longboards 2017 Template Deck

This year’s Template features kicktails! It’s 40 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and features variable wheelbase options from 21 inches to 24 inches. You can drill more, of course. Maple + Bamboo composition means it’s easy to modify with power tools at home. Fat bottom construction keeps it sexy and light with built-in wheel wells. Pre-applied peel ply means you can make your modifications without sacrificing the finish; just peel it off when your modifications are done.

The contest is as follows: You chop a Rayne board (any board, existing or new), upload it to instagram and with @raynelongboards tagged in the photo and #RayneChopshop2 in the caption. Alternately, you can download a PDF of their template at the contest link and follow the same parameters as above.

Grand prizes for both categories are: a $300 cash prize, a fresh Rayne template, some wheels and more! Hit the link to grab your Template and submit your creativity before October 1st!

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