Photo of Ahmyo 70mm Vibez

Ahmyo 70mm Vibez

Good Vibez incoming. Ahmyo’s new 70mm Vibez will be available next week but if you place a pre-order they will hook you up with a discount. Hit up the link to get in on the deal for a taller, faster vibe.

Photo of Ahmyo 70mm Vibez
Ahmyo 70mm Vibez

About Ahmyo

Ahmyo was born as an idea in 2013 after circumstance introduced them to a California urethane manufacturer. Within a year they were bringing products to market. They’ve been pumping out killer wheels ever since.

Since their inception their focus has been on reminding you to trust yourself and providing products that enable you to do it. Their wheels hit the mark and more – they’ve become a favorite among many of the fastest skaters out there.

In 2016, the original 64mm Vibez were released. Ahmyo wanted to keep the good times rolling longer and faster, so the 70mm Vibez are here to make it happen.

70mm Vibez

The 70mm Vibez are based on the smaller 64mm Vibez released in late November of 2016. They measure 70mm tall x 46mm wide, centerset and 84a in the Aqua urethane formula.

The new Vibez will roll faster than their smaller counterparts. They’re also 11mm wider, so you’ll get some extra grip.

The 70mm Vibez will be the same sugary slide that you’re used to on the smaller Vibez, but they’ll last longer, roll faster and offer more grip.

Photo of 70mm Ahmyo Vibez
70mm Ahmyo Vibez

Pre – Sale Discounts

70mm Vibez aren’t ready for order yet but Ahmyo expects that they’ll be released next week. If you commit to an early order Ahmyo will hook you up with a discount on your order.

We love seeing support like this from brands in the skate community.


Photo of Ahmyo Logo
Ahmyo – #TrustYoThane

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