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Precision Update – Rogue Trucks

Rogue incorporated community and team-rider feedback into a recent update of their precision trucks. Geometry and the insert bushing concept remain the same while improvements focus on making the trucks more usable and lightweight. Read our guide to the best longboard trucks to learn more about the best trucks.

The bushing seat features a new chamfer allowing for easy assembly or dis-assembly with less contact from the kingpin. In an effort to reduce weight, material was removed from the baseplates and reliefs were milled into the hangers. While these adjustments lower the weight of the assembled truck, Rogue was careful not to compromise any strength or integrity. You can be confident they’re right thanks to their lifetime no-bend guarantee.

Available Truck Sizes

The new precisions are available in 160MM or 180MM hanger widths with 15°, 30°, 43° and 50° baseplates. Each set ships with 87a, 90a and 93a Venom tall bushings so you can dial them in to your preference. Also included are 93a insert bushings and 93a pivot cups. Kingpins and axles are pressed in and the axles are now secured with dual set screws. You may have seen dual set screws before the update: Rogue introduced this feature on the last production run of the trucks before the update.

Hit the link and grab a set from Full Circle Distribution. Rogue will throw in a free t-shirt with your order!

UPDATE: New photo of the chamfer added!

Let us know if you’re currently riding Rogue trucks, we’d love to feature them on our Instagram! Just tag us and tell us what you think about them. We love reviewing trucks but we also love to hear different views from different styles of riders.

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