Skoa Vertex Front Angle

Vertex – Skoa Designs

When one speaks of luxury trucks, SKOA isn’t an uncommon name. SKOA revolutionized the truck game by not only creating utilitarian and functional precision trucks, but by also designing eye-candy.

The New Skoa Vertex

The new SKOA Vertex reverse-kingpin trucks combine the design of the existing Stream7 and M.Spec designs to give you a mix between grip, controlled slip and the classic SKOA stability at high speed; all the while keeping the classic SKOA I-Beam portfolio to guarantee maximum strength and minimum weight.

The SKOA Vertex has 1.5 degrees of positive rake and features race-oriented oversized pivot cups to give more support, durability and dampening. They also come equipped with tall SKOA bushings. All urethane parts are in 90a durometer and are hand-poured by SKOA in their manufacturing plant.

Hangars are available in 172mm or 178mm and baseplate combinations are available in 47 degrees symmetrical and also in a 47 degree and 42 degree split native. Grab a set at the link!

We are talkin’ premium, precision trucks. SKOA has nailed it with the engineering of the Vertex trucks and with the asthetics. We can’t wait to see these on a board. You can buy them directly from SKOA as well.

Are you rocking SKOA Vertex trucks? Tag LongboardEnvy on Instagram and tell us how they feel. and tell us how they feel.

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