Jet Skateboards 2016 Vulcan Lineup

2016 Vulcan Lineup – Jet Skateboards

Jet dropped the 2016 Vulcan lineup last week totaling 9 decks and introducing new models, sizes and features. The series is oriented towards freeride and competitive downhill racing and all top mount. 

The Bangers

The Bangers make up the shorter side of the series with 32 and 33 inch standing platforms. Wheelbases range 22-23.75″ and 23.4-24.9″ respectively. Both Bangers feature progressive tub concave, slight rocker, 1/4″ elliptical micro-drop and mini kicktails. They’re constructed with 7-Plys of Canadian hard Maple and graphics are applied with a pressure laminated heat transfer over a transparent brown or green stain.

The Versatile, New Kicks

Jet added some fun and versatility with the kicktails on the new Kicks. Measuring in at 34.5″, 35.5″ and 37.7″ they are long enough to bomb the steep but you can still thrash with the tail. Wheelbases on the Kicks range from 22″ to 27″ depending on your model of choice. Kick’s feature slight rocker, progressive concave, fender flairs and ¼” elliptical micro-drop pockets. The shorter model is constructed of 7-Plys of Canadian hard Maple while the longer two have 8. Graphics are painted and applied by hand using an air sprayer and silk screen. 

The Vulcans: Classic, Rocker, & Vulcan CX

Rounding out the series are the Vulcan Classic, two new sizes of the Vulcan Rocker and a new composite Vulcan CX. The classic is 35″ long and features include a flat standing platform, 8-Play Canadian hard Maple construction and a range of wheelbase options from 24″ to 27.5″. The Rockers are now available in 35″ and 36.5″ lengths and the CX comes in at 36.5″.

The 2016 Vulcans show style and and run heavy on features. Jet is prepping their store to list the new Vulcan’s but you can grab them at the link when they’re available. We’ll update this post then!

About Jet Skateboards

Based on the West Coast in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA, Jet Skateboards produces a fleet of skateboards and longboards that can satisfy any style. Maple-based and rider-centric longboards are the name of game for them and their decks add style points to their great performance.

We haven’t heard of a release from Jet lately, so we can only hope that the hiatus is ending soon. When we hear about a new release, you’ll be the first to know!

In the meantime, Jet Longboards are still out there to be bought even if the supply is dwindling. Tag LNV on Instagram if you cop a deck and show us how you’re riding. We want to know what if we’re missing out.

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