Rayne Vendetta V3 Promo

Vendetta V3 – Rayne Longboards

Looking to freeride, pump, cruise or maybe even some light downhill all on one deck? The Vendetta is Rayne’s solution for riders who want a little of it all. It’s drop-through truck mounts and low standing platform make it an all around performer and this year Rayne’s 2016 Vendetta V3 builds on the success of the original Vendetta by adding new features and a fresh look.


Its an inch shorter at 39″ and shaves a quarter-inch from the width at 9.75″ while maintaining the same 30″ wheelbase. Rayne’s Fat-Bottom construction is new along with some rocker and a .75″ micro radial drop. The fat-bottom prevents wheelbite and maintains rigidity with less material through the length of the board. The rocker and micro radial drop keep you in position, stable and aware of foot placement.


Rayne has baked in all the features from the original, including sharp edges, vertically laminated bamboo core, pre-tensioned fiberglass, leverage concave, firm flex, sublimated artwork and the environmentally friendly Bee Orange finish. The Vendetta ships with Atlas Ultralight trucks, Rayne Envy 70MM wheels and Vicious Griptape. Pick up a complete at the link!

Did you cop Rayne’s Vendetta V3?! Let us know and show us some pics. Show off your deck and tag us on IG–we share the best shots with the rest of our community.

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