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The Rayne Skyline and Libido

Rayne has been teasing two new boards via their teamriders and social channels for a while now. You may even recall Rayne’s Skyline tour in Japan – are they playing the long game here? Possibly. More importantly, their new decks are finally out.

The details are in and both boards are available for pre-order right here on Longboard Envy. We expect a thorough review of the Skyline in the coming weeks, but for now here is what you can expect from the Rayne Skyline and Libido!

The Rayne Libido is finally making its return! The Libido is a small race deck originally built to allow the rider to grip runs like Maryhill as much as possible. The Libido still features the beloved double spoon-shaped pockets to hold you in a rockered position which makes holding your tuck for a long time both easier and a lot more comfortable!

Rayne updated the specs of the Libido to match today’s meta a little bit better. They shrunk the width down to a clean 9in, moved the wheelbase from 18 – 21in to 20.5 to 22.5in and added flush mounts. These specs with a bamboo-fiberglass construction and the spoon-concave are going to make for an absolute grip and rip setup!

Pre-order now on Longboard Envy

The Skyline is the newest board to the Rayne family, it was designed to do it all from large slides to popping ollies and even gripping the tightest corners! You’re getting nearly the same deck as the Libido, except with a kick. Who doesn’t want a kick!?

The Bromance has been Rayne’s go to freeride and downhill combo deck, but the Skyline has come to take its place. The board is going to be a 9.5in wide at the widest point, 36.25in long with a functional kicktail with a race ready wheelbase of 22 to 24in long. Throw some microdrops, rocker and some flush mounts in and you have a complete board ready to throw big slides or grip long sweepers.

Both boards are currently on pre-order and will ship May 1st! Head over to our shop to grab your own Libido or Skyline today.

We are also stoked to announce that we will be working on a review with Rayne on the Skyline, so keep your eye peeled for a new review soon!