Rayne Skyline 36″ Deck


The highly anticipated Rayne Skyline is here. 36″ of fun with Rayne’s characteristic style and quality construction.


Do you enjoy going fast? Doing large slides? Popping ollies and tricks? Slashing curbs and hitting alleyway banks? All of the above? Then this is the right board for you. This brand new model is the ultimate downhill/freeride deck that will enhance anyone’s quiver!

We have taken the well loved single kick vibe from the Bromance and created an all new hill crushing beast. The Skyline has been tested extensively by our team riders on some of the best hills in the world and has handled difficult roads with ease. The Skyline features a single kick directional shape with simple radial concave. We have also introduced slight micro drops right where your feet stand to keep your feet locked into place and your eyes on the road ahead.

Size Chart

Rayne Skyline 36" (2020)
ConstructionBamboo, Fiberglass
FeaturesMicro-drops, rocker and radial concave