The Hive Ad - Remember Collective

The Hive – Remember Collective

The Remember Collective has a reputation for putting out well-priced, affordable longboarding accessories and parts at above-decent quality. From their Hoots series wheels to their downhill Savannah Slammas, their product line has always been focused on fun and utility rather than brand-boosting and profit.

New for 2016 from Remember Collective is the Hive 36. It’s 9.5 inches wide, 36 inches long, and has a variable wheelbase all the way from 23 inches to 27.25 inches. Designed by Nick Li, the Hive features a short-stance-friendly standing platform at 20″ between the flares. It’s awesome as a sensitive, snappy freerider board but also as a versatile technical downhill board.

It has subtle wheel flares for you to dig your feet into and a .75″ of rocker to keep those legs straight for standies. Mild W concave to support your arches, double wheel wells to prevent the bite. Flush mounts 1/8″ deep or just about 2-plys worth of the 8-ply Maple construction.

Hit the link to pick one up and take it out for a ride!

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