III Beam

Triple Beam – Landyachtz

The Landyatchz Triple Beam is a high-end composite speedboard manufactured by hand in small quantities. Previous offerings have sold out quick but tomorrow, Thursday the 25th they will be available for sale from select international retailers that sell Landyachtz longboards.

Origins of the Triple Beam

Born of Dillion Stephen’s vision, the Triple Beam is a product of innovative design and function. It represents 32 months and 1,000 hours of development, 9 prototypes and 25 races in over 20 countries. It was built to address the force and energy exerted on a skateboard while traveling at high speeds. By eliminating torsional flex and retaining an optimal amount of vibration dampening, the result is a stiff, smooth and predictable ride.

Triple Beam Construction

Triple Beams are constructed from balsa wood, foam, polyurethane and carbon. The unique composition results in an extremely light weight board at 3lbs (1,380g). The inner skeletal frame is made using carbon fiber injected with urethane foam while the exterior is fully wrapped in carbon. Urethane bumpers in the nose and tail protect the deck from light crashes. Dampening and reduced road vibration are provided by the balsa wood truck mounts.

The symmetrical shape measures 36.5″ long by 10″ wide (9.5″ at the waist) with wheelbase options from 28.5 – 29.5″. Features include a 0.5″ micro drop, mild rocker, W concave, molded radial drops and molded wheel wells.

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