ShortCut – Kebbek Skateboards

The ShortCut from Kebbek is out! A huge release from Kebbek Skateboards–one the community has been waiting for!

At 30.5 inches long and 7.75 inches wide, it’s the perfect go-anywhere deck that is equally suited to cruising, parks or street. An aggressive nose and tail keep you in control while the 14.5 inch wheelbase keeps it quick and responsive. When your done the small size makes it easy to stash in a convenient spot. Available as a complete in red, brown or black, it ships with 130MM Bear Trucks and 60MM Tepakan Wheels in blue or white.

Take a ShortCut and grab one this summer! Available soon from Kebbek. Hit the link to find out more.

Kebbek’s 2017 lineup–their 25th anniversary collection–was dope to begin with, and these precursors make so much sense. They killed it on the 2016 collection, killed it on the Kebbek Shortcuts, and then blew us away on their 25th anniversary lineup.

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