TSG Evolution Knock on Wood

Evolution Wood – TSG Longboard Helmet

Staying safe while you ride is one of the most important aspects of skating and you can do it in style with TSG. Their popular Evolution helmet is now available in a new wood pattern. Construction features a hard, injection molded nylon exterior shell with a shock absorbing EPS foam interior. The wood grain pattern is applied using printed foil so as not to affect the safety features of the helmet.

Wood Helmet Design

Comfort and style remain priorities as well. The anatomical design results in one of the slimmest, best fitting hardshells on the market. It sits low and snug to fully protect the back and sides of your head without sacrificing any freedom of movement. Owners can customize the fit using the included interior comfort pads of varying thicknesses. Thoughtfully located air vents keep the air flowing and your head cool.

Available now at the link. Visit TSG and pick one up today!

Other Helmet Styles

If you cross the streams and bike or skateboard too then you might be interested in some of their other gear as well. They have helmets of all sizes, colors, and uses.

Check out their most basic helmets all the way to their extreme carbon fiber gear and you’ll see the full breadth of their design capabilities. They truly are designing helmets, wood or otherwise, that are a fit for any athlete.

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