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2016 Lineup – Kebbek Skateboards

2016 marks the 24th year Kebbek Skateboards has been in business and to celebrate they have completely redesigned their line (Check out their 25th anniversary lineup here). They launched their new decks in January at the ISPO Munich trade-show. New artistry accompanies new shapes and technology this year.

Kebbek’s Design Style

Three different series of graphics showcase Kebbek’s artistic style. The Skatehouse series by Robbie Lariviere is reminiscent of the antics you may find in a house of skaters. Together the four graphics complete a larger panorama of a skate home, all it’s occupants included.

The Outdoor Series is also by Robbie but the two graphics in this series uniquely represent the pro’s they were made for. Ben Dubreuil and Emma Daigle’s graphics each appeal to their personalities.

Pascal Herbert delivers the Bio Suit series with an animal-style familiar to the past 24 years of releases from Kebbek.

Shapes include the Top Mount 36, Twin Kix, Smooth Cut 34 & 37, Ben Dub, Emma, Amane Kishida and the Dig Deep. They feature radial drops, flush-mount, drop-through and top-mount options, multiple wheelbases and precision cut wheelwells.

Kebbeks’ new lineup for 2016 is an excellent demonstration of their skill and style. We’re particularly fond of the new Top Mount 36. Grab one of your own at link and join Kebbek on a stylish new ride.

So, have you found your next board yet? If there’s one thing for sure, Kebbek doesn’t fail on artistic flair.

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