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Check out the latest from the Fireball Supply Co. The Fireball Scorch is a new wheel designed solely with Freeride in mind. It’s center-set, perfectly symmetrical construction allows easy rotation and ensures even wear throughout the life of the wheel. Measuring 71mm tall with rounded and well-supported lips, these wheels offer a predictable, consistent slide when desired but hookup on the carves and corners without much thought.

Fireball Scorch

Fireball Scorch

The scorch is available in three color/durometer options: White 81a, Red 84a and Black 87a. The Slide Prepped(TM) surface means you’ll spend less time breaking in these wheels and more time enjoying the ride. Fireball suggests frequent rotation to maximize the life of these wheels. Swap front-right with front-left and back-right with back-left at the first sign of wear to get the best results.


Wheel Specifications

DurometerWhite 81a, Red 84a, and Black 87a
Contact46mm progressive contact patch
Ride SurfaceSlidePrepped
Core PlacementCenter Set
FeaturesAngled Lips increase contact patch with wear

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