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Based out of Bremen, Indiana,  Andrew Huff of Huff & Puff Board Co emphasizes sustainable board-building by using only reclaimed or recycled wood. Each deck is hand-made and build materials have included old barn beams and aged wine barrels. Sustainable construction really interests us and the decks Andrew puts out are beautiful examples of his skill as a craftsmen.

Huff & Puff lists several boards for sale on their website and custom, hand-made deck are also available by order. Recently we noticed a drop-through in the works and it’s looks equally sexy and environmentally friendly. Take a look at the link to see what else Huff & Puff have available.

Are you a beginner rider? Great that you want to support a sustainable-focused brand like Huff & Puff. Check out our beginner’s guide to buying a longboard to get more tips and learn about why you might want a drop-through like we mentioned.

Huff & Puff really lives the story and Andrew is an asset to the longboard community. His boards are not only fun to ride but tell a story through the recycled wood that he and his team use. Yea, you’ve got a dope deck. But you’ve also got a deck that came from an old barn door in the Midwest. That’s the type of story that really makes a ride special.

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