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Palm Indu5try is producing a universal board stand that ships in a large USPS flat rate box for assembly at home. The stand is carefully thought out, looks great and it includes all the tools required for installation. We’ve been using one for a couple months now – it looks great in the home and is a convenient way to store the gear we love.

About Palm Indu5try

Palm Indu5try is a skater operated outfit based out of Southern California. They’re seeking to tastefully display your quiver with their universal board stand.

For this review, we’re going over the single board stand but Palm Indu5try has multiple models and even custom options available. If you’re looking to store a large number of decks, reach out to them and they’ll get you sorted. The board stands can fit most longboards, skateboards, and penny boards–definitely the ones we ride.

The single stand ships partially assembled in a large USPS flat rate box. It includes the rack, base, hardware, tools and assembly instructions. The stand we received works well and looks great. There are some shortcomings but Palm Indu5try has addressed these in later versions.


The board stand ships unassembled in a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box.

Included inside are assembly instructions, hardware and the wooden components of the soon-to-be-stand. Palm Indu5try even thoughtfully includes a screwdriver to ease assembly.


Assembly was quick and easy with only a minor hiccup. The stand is shipped partially assembled, and pre-drilled to make installing the included screws easier. The pieces line up well for a tight fit.

The upper portion of the stand is already assembled so you’ll only need to add the base supports when it arrives. Just flip it on it’s top, position the components of the base as shown in the instructions and screw in the provided screws. I found that it was easiest to place each piece and loosely insert a single screw so I could align things before tightening it all up.

Despite how awesome it was to find an included screwdriver, it doesn’t provide a great deal of torque. It occasionally skipped while installing the screws by hand. With some determination this was easy to overcome but if you have some hand-tools or a drill, you might have a better time using them. Still, the screwdriver is a thoughtful addition.


With the stand assembled, we took it outside for photos and testing. It looks great against the background of one of our local paved trails. I’m personally a fan of the stain but I can imagine some purchasers seeking to customize the color a bit. If they offered more color options in the future, I’m sure they’d appeal to some people’s creative sides.

Beyond it’s good looks, the stand has some heft! There’s plenty enough to offset the balance of a heavy board placed in the stand. We tested boards we ranging from light, smallish city cruisers to long, heavy downhill decks and it kept them all upright.

Boards are intended to be placed grip to the rear and trucks facing forward in the stand. There is a semi-circle cutout in the front to accommodate the pivot or kingpin on TKP/RKP trucks. The board will naturally lean towards either side where it will be secured by the railing so it doesn’t fall forward or rearward.

This system secures boards well in 90% of the cases we tested, but there are a few scenarios where it struggled: kicktails and thick downhill boards.

If the pitch of the kicktail compared to the standing platform is too great, the board won’t fit in the slot at the bottom of the stand. In some cases, you can precariously position the board in the stand but this introduces risk of failing over and damaging people or items near the stand. An easy solution would be to put the nose of the board down, but if you have kicktails front and rear this is not an option.

Likewise, downhill and double-drop boards that are too thick won’t fit in the slot.

Fortunately, Palm Indu5try has already remedied this issue and the stands made after our review unit will include the fix. Their solution is a removable shelf that widens the slot, permitting thicker boards and kicktails. You can see an example below in one of their larger models:

Finally, the finish on the stand makes for something that is equally at home inside the house or outside on the porch. It’s both durable and attractive.

Final Thoughts on the Board Stand

We’ve enjoyed our time with the board stand. It was easy to assemble, works well and looks great. Our unit as reviewed had some issues with thick decks and kick tails, but later versions of the stand have corrected these problems.

We’d put a 4-stand up in the shop to display our decks without thinking twice about it.

Pros: Easy to assemble, hardware and screwdriver included, looks great

Cons: Issues with thick decks and kicktails (resolved)

Edited: Palm Indu5try sent some photos of their final revision which includes the shelf and a satin finish:

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