Loaded Boards 2016 Tan Tien Complete

Tan Tien – Loaded Boards

New from Loaded is the 2016 Tan Tien! A refresh of one of the most iconic decks from Loaded is welcomed as we near the close of 2016.

Blending lines between the disciplines of cruise-carve and advanced trick riding, the Tan Tien holds it’s own for riders who enjoy more than just a commute. The deck measures 39″ long x 8.75″ wide with a 27″ wheelbase. The weight of the deck ranges from 3.1 – 3.5 pounds depending on your choice of flex. Flex options range from 1-3 and accommodate riders 170-270+, 130-210+ and 80-170+ pounds respectively. The new, engineered wood bottom veneer and an updated grip design add to the aesthetic of an already eye-pleasing deck. Drop through truck mounts, kick tails, concave and camber round out the features of the Tan Tien.

Loaded drops the updated Tan Tien on December 7th. Hit the link to pick one up and enjoy the ride!


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