Wild Monkey Racing Kick Prototype Profile

Kick Prototype – Wild Monkey Racing

Wild Monkey Racing has been experimenting with some changes to their full-sized kicktail model, the Shiv. The new prototype features a trimmed waist and squared nose. The 5.5″ tail is one-inch shorter than the Shiv’s, making the overall length 36″ compared to 37″. An extra quarter-inch in width provides a slightly larger foot platform. 5 different wheelbase options emphasize the versatile, freeride and downhill oriented nature of this deck. Concave and 8-ply Maple construction remain the same, keeping the prototype light and easy to maneuver.

WMR expects the Shiv update to be available in 2017. Hit the link to see more!

  • Construction: 8ply Maple
  • Dimensions: 36″ x 10″
  • Wheelbase: 21″ / 21.5″ / 22″ / 22.5″ / 23″
  • Tail: 5.5″
  • Concave: .5″

About the Company

Wild Monkey Racing is all about performance and speed. They want to make downhill longboards that satisfy the hunger to take on long, winding roads. Into that? You’ll be into their longboards.

Most of their boards are purely maple-based, with some having add components since their original decks were made purely from the wood.

Many of our favorite brands focus on the design: they want to attract you with their artistic flair (and that’s great). Wild Monkey wants you to customize their board, giving you the performance capable board and letting you do the rest. Love it!

You can follow some of their riders on Instagram, like Kurt Lievenbruck and Eric Fahrenthold. Why don’t you give Longboard Envy a follow while you’re at it? 😉

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