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Basati Prototype – Goat Longboards

Goat manufacturers high-end longboards based out of Navarra, Spain. They began in 2011 with Bamboo laminates and have since methodically improved their design, production and testing processes. Their latest experiment is a sexy new composite prototype for team rider Andrez Krob.

Details on the new prototype are slim but notable changes include a carbon-fiber composite upper and lower, additional wheelbase options and flared wheel wells.

Goat has previously teased prototypes that turn into production models so keep an eye here for availability and we’ll update this post with any additional information we receive. Hit the link to check out Goat’s site and grab one of their decks!

Updates from Goat

Goat reached out to provide some more information. They’re refining a new manufacturing process to reduce weight, increase rigidity and incorporate composite materials. This prototype is the successful result. Goat will be working with team riders to improve their new process until it’s ready for the masses. The prototype pictured here features the same dimensions as it’s all wooden counterpart (Shown below).


About Goat Longboards

Since this initial prototype, Goat has been hard at work producing some epic decks, like the Soul, Hare, and Elude. The beauty of these decks is hard to convey: abstract but down-to-earth about captures it.

Their boards are made for a variety of uses. The Soul and Elude are both more geared toward freeriding, while the Hare is made for downhill. You’ll find the specs on all of them match. Along with the Basati, the Thor Hammer is a great option for downhill riders too.

The production of their boards is treated as both an art and a science, with particular attention paid to the craft with the design, as we mentioned. You’ll notice that their boards are bamboo-based, which is common for manufacturers that want a balance of weight and quality. There’s a reason why Goat longboards look so appealing–they work directly with riders to make sure that they’re staying in touch with their needs. It’s clearly working for them!

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