Pono – Alani Lani

Editor’s Notes: We’re bummed to see that Alani Lani isn’t producing their longboards anymore. Running a board shop is really hard, so we hope that their team is doing well with whatever they are working on right now. If you are on that team, let us know if we can help out!

You may have seen one of Alani Lani’s beautiful, high-performance decks before and their new multipurpose platform Pono is no exception. Designed for Don’t Trip Skateboards G/Bomb system, the Pono is extremely versatile. Choose your brackets and your trucks based on terrain and riding style to really customize the performance.

The Deck

The deck is constructed of a vertically laminated Birch core wrapped in 13 load-oriented layers of carbon epoxy skins. The core features a 50/50 split of lengthwise and vertical grain, allowing flex or rigidity where you need it. This construction makes for a very lively deck and it highlights their background in high-performance snowboards and sailboats.

The Wheels

Wheelbases range from 36-38″ depending on forks and trucks. It measures 26″ long by 10″ wide and weighs 40 ounces and is offered in a stiff flex with a flat platform. Alani Lani recommends a Don’t Trip Molly 55° front on a G/Bomb super fork with a Delirious 0° rear end but encourages riders to find their favorite combination. The Pono will be available for sale July 15th. Hit the link so you can admire the skills and pick one up at Alani Lani!

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