Factory Bushings Line Up

Factory Bushings – Ronin Trucks

Ronin just announced the new Factory Bushings series based on their popular Beverage series. Factory Bushings are intended to make the Beverage series more available and incorporate features and improvements from their factory riders.

What’s New with Ronin Factory Bushings?

Ronin factory riders discovered that their bushings were more effective when the mold-release had been removed. As a result, the interface between the trucks and bushings provided a more consistent ride. By sanding and cleaning the top and bottom of their bushings, Factory Bushings is offering a race-ready bushing straight out of the package.

Available soon at Muir Skate and Ronin. We’ll provide an update and change the link when they’re up.

Ronin has made progress with their bushings and trucks, releasing the Ronin Cast Katana. Check out our full review! Matheus gives us one of our most in-depth reviews ever, letting us know how he thinks of the ride and what he thinks of the features on the Katana.

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