2016 Lineup – Free Wheel Co.

Free Wheel Company’s 2016 lineup introduces two new urethane formulas and four wheels.

The Dumbs V2 and the Willies feature stone-ground surfaces, center-set cores and asymmetrical lips. They are poured in the new Gold Standard formula, a translucent yellow urethane with controlled slides and flat-spot resistance in mind. The Dumbs are slightly shorter than the Willies but feature a wider contact patch. Both are 78a durometer.

The Free Ranges are poured in the Platinum Plus formula, feature a stone-ground surface, center-set core and are intended for the city commuter. Soft 78a durometer keeps you rolling and the small 60mm size means they’re nimble & popsicle friendly.

The Free Spirits are a square lipped wheel poured in the Platinum Plus formula with an emphasis on grip, durability and consistency. The thick, square lips, wide contact patch and near center set core make them well suited for freerides and drifts.

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The new wheels are currently available for purchase from the Omen Longboards site and are in transit to local shops. Grab some at the link.


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