IKO, W.I.L.D. & Zeno’s Bane – Joypulp

Joypulp is preparing an update for 2016 with new graphics for the IKO, W.I.L.D and Zeno’s Bane decks. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, they place a heavy emphasis on craftsmanship and inspiring creative communities. The new graphics are screenprinted by hand and illustrated by up-and-coming young artists and designers.

The decks are constructed of sustainably harvested Canadian Maple veneers and finished with environmentally friendly water-based products.

Expected to be available online at Joypulp.com and in local shops Mid-June. Take a look at the link and we’ll update when they’re out!

As a bonus we’ve included a shot of a new prototype Joypulp is working on.

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