IKO, W.I.L.D. & Zeno’s Bane – Joypulp

Joypulp is preparing an update for 2016 with new graphics for the IKO, W.I.L.D and Zeno’s Bane decks. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, they place a heavy emphasis on craftsmanship and inspiring creative communities. The new graphics are screen printed by hand and illustrated by up-and-coming young artists and designers.

The decks are constructed of sustainably harvested Canadian Maple veneers and finished with environmentally friendly water-based products.

Expected to be available online at Joypulp.com and in local shops Mid-June. Take a look at the link and we’ll update when they’re out!

As a bonus we’ve included a shot of a new prototype Joypulp is working on.

If you’ve been fiending for a Joypulp board then you may have to wait a while! They’re really in demand and tend to run out of stock really quickly–enthusiasts are always copping the latest release right as it goes live.

We’ll keep you in the know when Joypulp gets the W.I.L.D., Zeno’s Bane, or IKO back in stock. As soon as we know, you’ll know too.

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