Moonshine MFG Outlaw Ultimate Longboard Giveaway

Ultimate Longboard Giveaway

Brandon DesJarlais teamed up with 10 sponsors to offer one of the most comprehensive longboarding giveaways ever conceived. The winner will receive over $1,500 worth of gear – assembled and tuned by Brandon himself just as he would ride it. It’s up! Did you get in?

Enter Here: Ultimate Longboard Giveaway


Brandon has been topping podiums and skating competitively for ten years. But even if you’re not familiar with his career, you’ve likely seen his work. He stunt doubled for actor Vin Diesel in the film “xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage” during the downhill longboarding scene. A killer performance and probably one of the first mainstream appearances for downhill longboarding.

At present, Brandon skates professionally, travels for competitions and media opportunities and helps to guide the marketing strategy and social media for Moonshine MFG. The Ultimate Longboard Giveaway is his opportunity to give back to the community that has done so much for him. With the help of the 10 organizations below he’s assembled a package that will surely take your riding to the next level or refresh your quiver.

What Gear:

Moonshine MFGOutlaw Deck
Powell Peralta DH66mm Snakes + 72mm Byron Esserts + Hardcore Grip
ArsenalTrucks 165mm 44*
RipTideBushing Kit + PSD Footstop
TSGHelmet + Longboard A Knee Pads
HolesomGloves + Pucks + Bearings
Stoked Ride Shop$100 Gift Card

What Events:

Longboard Magazine EU’sKnK 2019 in Slovenia
Maryhill RatzAny 2019 Freeride
EmGee eventAny 2019 Event (Central Mass, Killington, Gravity Fest)

How Do I Enter:

Entry is simple:

  • Goto the Ultimate Longboard Giveaway page and sign in to the contest module.
  • Follow all 10 sponsors and Brandon on Instagram (Each sponsor name above is linked to their profile).
  • Sign up for Brandon’s newsletter (It’s in the contest module).

There are an unlimited number of entries available: Five entries for completing the steps in the contest module and an additional entry for anyone who registers using your referral link. There are 20 days left! Hit the link below to get started and make sure to say thanks to each sponsor for their contributions!

Enter Here: Ultimate Longboard Giveaway


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