Randall Trucks - RIII

RIII – Randall Trucks

Randall Trucks announced over the weekend that they’d be releasing the completely redesigned RIII on April 1. That’s roughly two weeks from the time of this writing and since they’re already up on Randall’s website, it seems legit. Randall trucks have been around since the 1970s and have long been one of the standards. Most, if not all, longboarders have ridden or own an RII. The RIII marks an exciting redesign.

New Design Changes for Randall Trucks

The trucks feature a new baseplate with dual mounting holes on both ends for a little adjustment. They also lack the wings found on the RII baseplates, allowing the RIII to be drop-mounted on more boards. The hangers have been redesigned with stronger axles, machined bushing seats and pivot pins.

The bushing seat has also been redesigned and appears to be a lot tighter. The kingpin is now mounted nut side up. New bushings and pivot cups round out the RIII for what will surely be another killer offering from a legend in skate equipment. Grab a set at the link on release day, April 1st!

These are great trucks for downhill longboarding and engineered right here in the USA. Stay in touch for even more gear reviews.

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