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Slide Perfect Supremacy Review

Slide Perfect is based out of the UK and have been designing wheels that slide across the best and worst pavements perfectly. They recently made these available at 9€/set – I couldn’t resist! Now I’ve spent a couple months on the 83a Supremacy and have come to appreciate these wheels from beginning to the end.


Slide Perfect Supremacy features a tried and true shape, we get a small off set, a big hub (similar to that of Orangtang Cages), pre-ground skin and round lips. This essentially sets them up to be very good freeride wheel, they check all the boxes you’d want in a slidy wheel.

The urethane in this wheel could be described in one word: DURABLE. I normally skate three days a week ranging from an hour to four and I’ve been on the same set since the end of the November. These wheel just last forever and it is nice skating a whole session only rotating my wheels once!


The Slide Perfect Supremacy is designed around freeride and it’s easy to see why the more you skate them. No wheel is perfect however – my biggest complaint about the 83a Supremacy was the wildly icy stone ground skin. It was sometimes uncontrollable in comparison to say Powell Peralta Snakes or Remember Hoots. Despite having an icy stone ground skin, they turn into a very consistent wheel once you get past the icy stage. Be that as it may, I could see this icy stage as beneficial to those that are learning, because these slide as easy as Remember Peewees at the beginning.

The Supremacy wheels shape is great for freeride, because it starts off with a smaller contact patch and round lips then as you get into the meat of the wheel the contact patch gets wider and develops a square-ish lip. This allows you to build confidence on them, because you transition from a very slidy wheel to a slightly more grippy feel allowing you to go faster and still feel in control.

The Supremacy is great for anyone in the freeride scene, they are easy to learn and develop on, but also great for going fast and throwing very long slides. With the additional bonus of the wheel lasting forever, there isn’t much more you could ask for in a freeride wheel.

Photo of Sam Arrington leading switch into a left on 83a Supremacy
Sam Arrington leading switch into a left on 83a Supremacy


Like I mentioned earlier the stone ground skin is very icy and on top of the pavement, very similar to the old Remember formula. You can easily do checks at a moderate pushing speed. Once you get deeper into the wheel probably 2mm+ the wheel starts to offer more stopping power and grip as the contact patch grows bit wider the further you get into the wheel, which feels similar to the current 80a Remember formula. Due to the big core, the Supremacy tend to always slide on top of the pavement, but once it gets hot (85F+) the wheel starts to thane a bit more and dig a little more into the pavement. Overall the slide is very, very forgiving and with a durable urethane means you can mess up and throw the most disgusting 90 blast and still be fine.


Slide Perfect Supremacy are freeride wheels designed to skate anything and last. With the only major con being an icy stone ground finish, the pros should easily convince you to cop a set to step up your freeride game.

Pros: Durable, easy to learn on, progressive feel (slidy -> more grip), cheap (for UK), big core

Cons: Icy stone ground finish

Photo of Slide Perfect Supremacy 86a
Supremacy in 86a
ModelSP Supremacy 78aSP Supremacy 83aSP Supremacy 86a
Contact Patch47mm47mm47mm
SkinPre-ground skinPre-ground skinPre-ground skin
CoreBlack, Offset hubPurple, Offset hubOrange, Offset hub

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