Lush Longboards – XTUFF 3D Machine

Surprisingly enough, it seems that downhill longboarding is actually popular in other places in the world! Who would’ve thought, right? The UK is no exception- and it’s been a thing for long while now! Lush Longboards is the UK’s premier supplier of rollyplanks and their reborn 3D Machine is both a nostalgic trip to their early days and a refreshing take on a classic shape that works.

The 3D Machine features a mellow radial/rocker combination concave in the middle of the deck that’s comfortable for your feet when you’re pushing to a spot, but also steep enough to lock you in for tucking and other related shenanigans. The concave also features blocky, geometrically-shaped wheel flares that are incredibly useful for creating toe and heel pockets for sliding and gripping the board in a number of different ways.

This board is also well-rounded for park and freestyle because of its steep, street-inspired kicktail. There’s no telling how much it pops, but it seems to be useful for pivots and steep enough to give you leverage for bluntslides and tail-drags.

The current 3D Machine is built with Lush’s new XTUFF construction, which is a traditional maple construction that incorporates diagonal fibreglass stringers in an attempt to reduce or eliminate torsional flex and make sure that only some dampening flex is left on the board.