Photo of Luca Longboards 2019 Lineup

Luca Longboards 2019

Just a week after their return from ISPO Munich, Luca Longboards opened pre-orders for their 2019 line-up. New features include updated graphics, 360° urethane sidewalls and a new weight reducing core. Order before March 10th and you’ll save between €40 – 55 depending on the model.

Luca Longboards was established in 2013 by Lukasz Grzywacz to combine his passion for industrial design and longboarding. Where previously much of his work existed in the digital realm, at Luca his designs and ideas are manifest into longboards.

Lukasz is an interior designer by trade and his skill is reflected in the style of each board. This years graphics have been updated with simple, timeless designs that focus on the construction beneath. Their decks have always had a unique and appealing aesthetic and this year is no exception.

Their strengths extend beyond design and into manufacturing as well. Each of their boards are made with composite materials, pressed at high temperatures and CNC machined for precision. As a result, Luca can combine aggressive concave, rocker and kick combinations without fear of warping, de-lamination or adhesion issues.

This season they’ve added two notable features. The first are the urethane sidewalls that are now included on every deck in the lineup. Luca calls these 360* sidewalls and they’re intended to reduce de-lamination and prevent injuries from catching a shin. These sidewalls are a big improvement over the ABS kicktails available on some models in last season’s lineup.

To accommodate the new sidewalls, Luca also redesigned the vertically laminated wood core. The result is a weight savings of up to 10% per deck, making them lighter than their predecessors as well.

This year they chose minimalist, monochromatic color-ways and graphics that are intended to highlight the riders color scheme.

The Merv and Mono feature the same topographic map graphic that was popular last year while the Agill, Muka, Baller and Mini Ballar received some new pattern based graphics.

The 2019 lineup includes 6 boards – one fewer than the previous year as the Mono 39 missed the cut. They’re focusing on what works – a well rounded collection that suits their personal discipline preferences: freeride, downhill and dancing.

To say that Luca has done well this year is an understatement. Not only do the boards look great, but the new sidewalls and lighter construction make for a lineup that anyone can appreciate.

MervMono 37AgillMukaMini BallarBallar
Length34.65″ / 88cm37.4″ / 95cm39″ / 101.5cm36″ / 91.5cm43.4″ / 110cm47.8″ / 121.5cm
Width9.8″ / 25cm9.8″ / 25cm9.4″ / 24cm8.9″ / 22.6cm9.4″ / 24cm9.4″ / 24cm
Wheelbase24.4″ – 26″ / 62-66cm24.4″ – 26″ / 62-66cm22.8″ – 24.4″ / 58-62cm17.5″ / 44.4cm27″ – 28″ / 68.5-71.5cm30.3″-32.6″ / 77-83cm
Concave0.47″ / 1.2cm0.47″ / 1.2cm0.47″ / 1.2cm0.4″ / 1cm0.4″ / 1cm0.4″ / 1cm
ConstructionFG & CFFG & CFFGFGFGFG

Hit the link below to place your pre-order. No purchase necessary – Luca takes a name and email address. When the decks are available for purchase, they’ll send an email with a coupon code for the discount to let you know. If you’re wondering whether they ship to the United States, the answer is yes. You have until March 10th to get in on the savings!

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