Entitlement Urethane – Rain Grooooovy!

Small wheel companies are starting to take America by storm- it seems that those who don’t particularly enjoy the mass-produced, generally-engineered urethanes of larger companies are starting to turn to smaller, locally-run companies with a more niche urethane feel. Entitlement Urethane is one of those smaller companies, who boasts a chalky freeride wheel that’s easy to learn on, but durable and resistive enough to use at higher-level riding.



Recognizing that many communities are constantly swamped by rain and that the desire to skate doesn’t diminish with how much water is on the ground, Entitlement has released a limited run of wheels which come pre-grooved to decrease hydroplaning while on wet, soaked roads! They offer grooves on all their sharp-lipped wheels, but not on their Marinas because it makes no logical sense to put grooves on a freeride wheel.


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