Photo of Kai Griffin from Aeon Skate Co on the Hollow Point

Aeon Skate Co Has Released Their 2019 Lineup

Aeon Skate Co. has released their 2019 Lineup – new shapes, features and colorways.

Aeon Skate Co. is a group of skaters, fabricators and entrepreneurs based out of the Pacific Northwest.

They’re passionate about skating, making products they’re proud of and breaking the expectations of today’s skate manufacturing companies.

Aeon’s Team

Founded in 2014, they’re based near Bellingham, WA. Their boards are all made completely by hand in the shop they built themselves. The boards on their site are available as-is but they encourage shoppers to customize their orders: color-scheme, flex, size and more are possibilities. If you have a completely custom idea, reach out and they can accommodate.

On their website, they outline three phases in their pursuit of a successful business. Phase 1 was to design an adaptable workspace.

Phase 2 places an emphasis on staying involved in their local community and the community of peers with shared interests.

Phase 3 is to give back: They hope that their passion for what they do is apparent in their products and they seek to fulfill that goal without sacrificing their values.

They recently released a movie that provides a more intimate look at who they are and what they’re about. Check it out (~22 minutes):

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2019 Lineup

Aeon’s 2019 lineup includes four decks: The Expedition, Walkabout, Hollow Point and Hollow Point XL.

The 2019 lineup highlights Aeon’s craftsmanship. Each board has its own unique features, mold and dimensions. We’re pretty keen about the Expedition but they all have something unique to offer.

Use code ENVY for set of free LP Pucks with your order

2019 Aeon Expedition

The Expedition is Aeon’s quiver killer. Pressed in the same mold from the year prior but this year features their new lightweight “Internal Fiberglass” construction.

Aeon took special consideration when designing this board to ensure that it fits in carry-on luggage for most airlines. As frequent-flyer’s this is a pretty thoughtful design philosophy for us. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Decent Hardware Longboard Travel Bag review to learn how you can use these two in tandem.

The Expedition measures 9.5 x 35″ and is suitable for setup with reverse or traditional kingpin trucks. With the included wedge-block, wheelbase options range from 19-24″. Hit up Aeon in your order for customization and include the code below for a free set of pucks.

Use code ENVY for set of free LP Pucks with your order

2019 Aeon Walkabout

This year Aeon updated the Walkabout shape. It’s still made in the same mold but it features a new, lightweight construction technique – Aeon’s “Internal Fiberglass”.

This is Aeon’s choice for an all around downhill board. It measures 9.6 x 38″ with wheelbase options from 20.75 – 25.5″. The concave is reminiscent of a Hollow Point (W Concave out back, wheel flares up front) but the features are more subtle. Just like all of Aeon’s options, these are customizable at checkout. Let Aeon know what you’re interested in when you order and don’t forget the use the code below for some free pucks.

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2019 Aeon Hollow Point

This year’s Hollow Point is the first to feature a functional kick tail. Aggressive W concave out back and front wheel flairs provide feedback for your position on the standing platform and keep your feet planted solid.

This years also features a new lightweight construction technique that Aeon is calling “Internal Fiberglass”. They’re keeping the details pretty tight-lipped but they’re confident in the process and it’s results.

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2019 Aeon Hollow Point XL

The Hollow Point XL is the latest version of Aeon’s Hollow Point. It’s slightly larger than it’s counterpart with a little more room out back.

It features Aeon’s new lightweight “Internal Fiberglass” construction, flushmounts, large front wheelwells, W concave out back and large flares up front. Wheelbase options range from 24 – 27.25″.

Use code ENVY for set of free LP Pucks with your order

Reaction to Aeon’s New Decks

Aeon’s latest decks really showcase their capabilities. New styles and shapes will appeal to both people who have previously ridden an Aeon and those who haven’t had an opportunity yet.

To celebrate the launch, Aeon is offering a free set of LP Pucks when you use code ENVY with your order. The LP Pucks are made from 100% recycled material so each puck helps to reduce and reuse waste.

Hit the link below to place an order for one of Aeon’s latest!

Use code ENVY for set of free LP Pucks with your order

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