Handcarved and American Made STRGHT

Under the Sun – STRGHT Longboards

Four years ago we featured STRGHT skateboards and their awesome implementation of design and grip. Their intricate patterns complemented the solid construction then and they’ve only gotten better since.

STRGHT has released a new series of decks called Under the Sun and they are stunning. They’ve taken the theme of elaborate patterns, incorporated bright colors and built something really charismatic. The seeds on the Mel are embossed and contribute to grip and detail. The detail of the palms on the Peace Out is a testament to their skill. The bright colors really pop.

We wouldn’t hesitate to cruise on one of these decks and look forward to seeing one pass by. Head over to STRGHT skateboards to pick one up at the link.

Check out the video to see how STRGHT dedicates themselves to crafting the perfect board by hand. Their dedication to skateboard and longboard craft really shows through their decks.

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