Seismic x Harfang Grooved Rain Alphas

Harfang x Seismic Wheels

Seismic and Harfang have come together in a new collaboration to create a series of race wheels specially-grooved for better traction and speed on wet road surfaces. Seismic technology combined with Harfang’s tread preparation make wet-weather rippers that are now available direct from Seismic or Harfang.

When you talk about performance and innovation in longboarding wheels, Seismic and Harfang are usually part of the conversation.

Seismic Wheels have long been known for their advanced urethane formulas and proprietary cores. BlackOps and Defcon are generally regarded as the fastest urethane compounds out there. To keep them rolling, Seismic’s recently introduced Fusion core was carefully engineered to increase support  and maximize core rigidity. These improvements translate into more grip, predictability and consistency.

Likewise, Harfang is well known for modifying wheels with CNC cut tread patterns designed to increase traction on wet or inconsistent pavement. When the tracks get slick, you’ll see competitors switching to a set of wheels prepared with one of Harfang’s tread patterns.

The tread patterns are designed to evacuate water between the road and wheel surfaces, improving traction and maximizing speed for sessions in the wet. Harfang is widely known for bringing this technology to the industry and at present, the only company that offers these unique services.

While Harfang does have it’s own line of wheels, you’ll often see wheels from other manufacturer’s sent in for modification. Harfang offers their wheel preparation services for any wheel a customer chooses to send in. Like a craftsmen and his tools, each wheel and tread combination are designed for specific track conditions.

What’s Different

You’ve probably already seen a set of Seismic wheels prepared with a Harfang tread pattern. Check out the video below of Seismic team riders on Seismic wheels prepared with Harfang Stage 1 at the 2014 KnK Freeride.

What’s different about this collaboration? In the past you’d have to send Harfang a set of your own wheels for modification. This meant shipping the wheels at least two ways – three if you already had them. Now you can get Seismic wheels prepared with Harfang tread patterns, direct from either Harfang or Seismic – No waiting on shipping or preparation.

Where To Get Them

Each wheel is available direct from Seismic’s web-store with Harfang’s Stage 1 pattern. If you’re looking for some additional options, Harfang’s web-store offers each wheel with the tread pattern of your choice or Roman Candle style.

The only caveat is limited quantity.

Bottom-line: With this collab you get the best of both worlds, Seismic’s top of the line cores and urethane with Harfang’s CNC work but quantities are limited so order quick!

Hot Spot76mmOrange77aBlackOps$110.00
Hot Spot76mmBlue78.5aBlackOps$110.00
Speed Vent77mmCrystal Clear Blue77aPremium Clear$120.00
Speed Vent77mmCrystal Clear Purple79aPremium Clear$120.00
Speed Vent85mmPurple79aBlackOps$135.00

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