landyachtz stratus

Landyachtz – Stratus

Dancing and freestyle as a genre of longboarding is starting to pick up momentum in North America. While before it was a style that was pretty much exclusive to Europe and Asia, it’s now starting to penetrate into the sunny scenes of southern California and western Canada as a less speedy alternative to getting your fix of adrenaline and progression each day.

To meet the speedy growth of the freestyle scene, Landyachtz has painstakingly worked away to create a fancy dancer of their own! The Hollowtech Stratus is made with Landyachtz’ proprietary hollowcore construction, consisting of fiberglass and wood composites on the top and bottom, with more solid wood kicktails. This is the third year that Hollowcore has been available to the public, and you can expect it to be both durable and functional. Other than that, you can hold it up to the sun and see right through your board!

The folks at Landyachtz are so thoughtful in fact, that they even engineered the placement of the griptape. With some talented freestylers under their wing, Landyachtz has decided to leave the whole middle section of the board without griptape, knowing that pirouettes, boardwalking and other related tricks are exponentially harder and choppier when your feet are sticking to the board like mice in sticky traps.

The Stratus comes in two flex patterns- standard flex and super flex, noted by their colors, red and blue respectively. Listening to community feedback, we’ve deducted that anyone over 170 lbs will easily bottom out the super flex, and thus should go for the standard flex model. The standard flex model is quite snappy and sturdy as it is, and is a great choice for those who may not want a board that’s overly flimsy.


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