DK Dropkick Concave

DK DropKick – Eastside Longboards

The DK DropKick is Eastside Longboard’s response to requests for a double-kick version of their popular Carbon DropKick Deck. Released in 2006, the Carbon DropKick is one of Eastside’s original offerings and it’s versatile shape is well-rounded for many riding styles. The DK DropKick improves on this design with a double-kick, new dimensions and a new mold.

Eastside has spent 8 months developing and prototyping the new DK DropKick. It measures 39.5″ long and 9.75″ wide with a 26.75″ wheelbase. The standing platform is approximately 23″ between the drop-through truck mounts. The new mold adds a subtle W-shaped concave, providing a nice reference for foot placement while still being comfortable for long distance pushing. Slight changes to the rocker and solid 9-ply Maple construction ensure the deck is rigid enough for a double-kick.

Eastside expects the new model to be available before the end of 2016. We’ve reached out for a more specific ETA. Keep an eye on Eastside’s shop and hit the link to head over and purchase one when available!

Update: The DK DropKick will be available for purchase on August 5th! Check out the company’s official announcement and enter to win one before the release.

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