DK Dropkick Concave

DK DropKick – Eastside Longboards

The DK DropKick is Eastside Longboard’s response to requests for a double-kick version of their popular Carbon DropKick Deck. Released in 2006, the Carbon DropKick is one of Eastside’s original offerings and it’s versatile shape is well-rounded for many riding styles. The DK DropKick improves on this design with a double-kick, new dimensions and a new mold.

DK Dropkick Board R&D

Eastside has spent 8 months developing and prototyping the new DK DropKick. It measures 39.5″ long and 9.75″ wide with a 26.75″ wheelbase. The standing platform is approximately 23″ between the drop-through truck mounts. The new mold adds a subtle W-shaped concave, providing a nice reference for foot placement while still being comfortable for long distance pushing. Slight changes to the rocker and solid 9-ply Maple construction ensure the deck is rigid enough for a double-kick.

Eastside expects the new model to be available before the end of 2016. We’ve reached out for a more specific ETA. Keep an eye on Eastside’s shop and hit the link to head over and purchase one when available!

Update: The DK DropKick will be available for purchase on August 5th! Check out the company’s official announcement and enter to win one before the release.


About Eastside

Eastside Longboards is a Portland-based longboard company headed up by Robin McGuirk. Founded in 2003, they sell decks, wheels, and classes that teach people how to longboard. Thanks for supporting the longboard community and your local community Eastside!

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