Ahmyo – Akasha FR

Ahmyo is one of those smaller companies that have a fanbase that’s much larger than you would expect- people run Ahmyo wheels at Maryhill, kill dozens of sets at Giant’s Head Freeride, and many use them to get around town because of their efficient, purpose-driven shapes. So it’s no surprise that the next wheel that they release will be heavily hyped as well, just like the Vibez and Protos before these ones.

One of the most ridden Ahmyo wheels is the Akasha- a large, inset grip wheel versatile for both downhill and long distance push alike. The drift is supreme, the roll speed is fast, and the contact patch is large. If only they made a version that was stone-ground and freeridable….

Well, they do now! Introducing the Akasha FR, a slightly tweaked version of the original Ahmyo Akasha- with a new centerset core placement and stoneground skin, the Akasha is perfect for anything to do with sliding. Because of their already large size, their durability is naturally greater than wheels of a smaller size, making them great for long freeride courses, such as Velefique and other freeride courses in the EU.’

Grab the Akasha FR today at the Ahmyo store, and give a greeting to the Ahmyo Aliens.

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