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Arbor brings style, elegance, and more to their longboard lineup. If you’d like us to review new Arbor longboards and other gear, let us know. Check out the latest reviews of their gear from our team!

Arbor Crosscut Series Review

Arbor Collective boards

Hybrid street-slashing is becoming an increasingly popular skate style as both street and downhill scenes start to merge in feature-filled urban environments. Soft freeride wheels on an oversized skateboard is becoming more common to see at both slide jams and city environments alike. It’s a new kind of rush to be able to pull an ollie, some freestyle tricks, and then transition into a banked slope while doing a squat slide.

Arbor Downhill Longboards in Action

Josh Neuman rides downhill in the Alps

We couldn’t finish writing this after watching that downhill shred. We had to get on a board and get outside. Arbor clearly have the talent and the product for downhill runs and their work with the camera isn’t so bad either.

The Alps were made for downhill like this and we are amazed at Josh’s runs. Great stuff Josh.

For more runs like that and pics of their boards, check out Arbor’s Instagram. And give Longboard Envy a follow while you’re at it!

About the Company

Arbor Collective has been producing quality gear since the mid-1990s and boards since 1998. Based in California, they now specialize in longboards, snowboards, and sending out good vibes.

One of their initiatives is the Returning Roots, a dedication in part to rebuilding Hawaiian forests through the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. Their dedication to the cause shows in the elegance and thoughtfulness of their boards.

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