Sanctum Stigma


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The Stigma features the same concave as the Rapture but implements a double drop to get you even closer to the ground. So if you need a deck for freeride or for some long distance pushing, the Stigma is for you!

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A conflict we can all agree on, the Strife features an aggressive flat concave, tapered waist, and a solid, stable wheelbase. Nothing about this deck is shy and is designed with one style of riders in mind: belligerent.

An aggressive board with aggressive features! A deep flat concave locks in your feet and the aggressive shaped cutouts give you tons of places to wedge in for maximum control. Sharp finished top and bottom edges make grabbing your board responsive. 8 plies of maple give the deck a low amount of snappy flex, perfect for shredding the streets. Drop through truck mounting options lets you decide to lower you trucks to lower your centre of gravity, perfect for freeriding. This board is designed to be ridden hard, fast, and all over the place. If you want a board to destroy your local hill, this is it

Size Chart

Width9.25 in
Length39 in
ConcaveDeep Flat
MountingDrop through